Ballet Slippers Kijiji

ballet slippers kijiji

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ballet slippers kijiji

Dragon Theatre. “Smash.” By Jeffrey Hatcher. Through May 4. Directed by Vickie Rozell. Dragon Theatre, 2120 Broadway St., Redwood City. $30 (deals available). 650-493-2006 or Los Altos Stage Company. “Harold and Maude.” Through May 4. Featuring Warren Wernick as Harold, Lillian Bogovich as Maude, Kristin Brownstone as Mrs. Helen Chasen, Gary Landis as Dr. Matthews, Ray D’Ambrosio as Father Finnegan, Clint Williams as Inspector Doppel/Gardener, Ken Leeds as Sgt. Doppel/Boss, Hannah Larson as Sylvie Gazel/Nancy Mersch/Sunshine Dore, and Jennifer Gregoire as The Maid, Marie. Bus Barn Theatre, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos. $18-$32., 650-941-0551 or email

Schneider now visits Avenidas almost daily for the creative writing classes and to meet friends for a donation-based lunch provided by La Comida de California, “I don’t have to shop, do dishes or cook,” Schneider said, Comida is a separate nonprofit that leases the space from Avenidas, ballet slippers kijiji On Wednesday, the popular dining spot had 150 visitors eating, chatting and listening to a live jazz piano player, Comida’s lunch program grew by 20 percent in the last year, said board president Bill Blodgett..

Starry Nights concert continue in Brentwood. BRENTWOOD — Starry Nights in Brentwood highlights music at City Park from 7 to 9 p.m. on Fridays through Aug. 26. On Friday, Mania, a Beatles Tribute Band, starts the month, followed by Steel Horse, a Bon Jovi Tribute band, on Aug. 12, Stealin’ Chicago on Aug. 19 and Kenny Frye Band on Aug. 29. Concertgoers are invited to bring their families along with chairs and blankets and a picnic dinner to enjoy the sounds on warm summer evenings. For more incfromaiton, go to

The intention may have been payback but, according to Hemsworth, the result was less so, “It just got really funny and ridiculous you know, It’s like in high school when you’re not meant to laugh,” he said, And ballet slippers kijiji fun and laughs is what Portman wants audiences to have, Despite appearing in many more serious and highbrow roles, the Oscar winner will not have the Hollywood blockbuster devalued, She says “escapism” is the main reason people go to the movies and there is no room for snobbery..

The offbeat object of her desire is Jack Nicolaus’ amusingly overzealous Nick Bottom, the hammy prima donna of a group of laborers turned amateur theatrical troupe, led by Joshua-Morris Williams’ animated and enthusiastic Peter Quince. The four rival lovers who chased each other into the forest provide some of the play’s funniest moments, after they’ve been dosed with love potions by the fairies haphazardly to try to make them settle into mutually adoring couples. The plan only makes matters worse. Kira Zabrowski’s bewildered and overwhelmed Hermia already has her hands full fending off the advances of her boyfriend Lysander (Ben Elie, laying it on thick with the nice-guy schtick) and the unwanted attentions of stubborn suitor Demetrius (competitive Nick Gallagher), while Sharon Shao’s hilariously doting Helena pursues Demetrius even more unrelentingly. But when the love-drugged gents start fighting over Helena instead, everything explodes into pleasingly hectic chaos.