Purple Puppy Ballet Dress // Upcycled Pet Outfit

purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit

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purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit

purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit

purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit

Anyway, the gist: The series, based on an extremely popular South Korean reality show, has enlisted 12 celebrities to dress up in elaborate costumes and sing for a studio audience. No one has any idea who the singers are, because in addition to the masks, their voices are distorted. A panel of judges and a studio audience vote on which singer is the best, and at the end of each episode, the celebrity with the lowest number of votes is sent home and is – wait for it – unmasked. It’s even more insane than it sounds – and by pure coincidence, the celebrity who was unmasked this week was actually a shocking reveal. These were the five most bizarre moments from the premiere, which had performances from a peacock, hippo, monster, unicorn, deer and lion.

Cinnabar Winery Blending Seminars: Try your hand at the art of blending cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petite verdot with winemaker George Troquato, You’ll come away with a unique wine blended, bottled and labeled by you, Light appetizers provided, 6:30-8 p.m, Feb, 14, $75-$85, Cinnabar Winery tasting room, purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit 14612 Big Basin Way, Saratoga. http://bit.ly/2pQ25Vn, Sake and Beer Tastings and Tour: On this specially designed tour, you’ll visit the largest sake brewery in the country, learn the history of sake, how it’s brewed and enjoy tastings of several different types of sake, Follow this up with a visit to a local microbrewery to sample beers and discover the similarities between sake and beer, 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m, Feb, 17, Pick up and drop off location: Latham Square Plaza, 1615 Broadway, Oakland, $55. http://bit.ly/2C7HWLH..

“Anytime I found something in this painting or underneath it, I was able to go back to the sketchbooks to see anything that was a hint or a clue as to what was going on,” said Van Kirk, who relied on her research into Stanford’s collection of the artist’s sketchbooks. The massive painting — it measures 7½ feet by 6½ feet — was transported to Stanford Medical Center where Van Kirk watched technicians X-ray the piece looking for more images. They were moderately successful but couldn’t see enough. That’s when Bank of America stepped in with an art conservation grant for the restoration of “Window” that also allowed the Cantor to get a more powerful infrared camera called the Osiris.  Then everything really came into focus.

Collodion portraits and landscape images have fine details but appear dark and moody — even haunting or ghostly, “The aesthetic is kind of a half-remembered dream,” says Jacobson, The process involves coating a surface, usually glass or aluminum, with a mixture of collodion, ether, alcohol and two salts purple puppy ballet dress // upcycled pet outfit that dries to a tacky, clear film, The collodion is derived from a flammable compound known as guncotton (in other uses, it’s flash paper) dissolved in sulfuric and nitric acids..

The hour was big on entertainment, not competition. The legendary Smokey Robinson, with singer, songwriter and musician Aloe Blacc, sang a duet of “My Girl,” from Robinson’s new album. The three dance pros new this season — Allison Holker, Keo Motsepe and Artem Chigvintsev — dazzled the audience at home and in the studio, first with a sexy video done in a warehouse and then with a hip-shaking, fast- moving dance number with six of the other pros. Tom described the celebs and pros last night as “something for everyone,” and he was right! The producers are filling every moment with dancing or behind-the-scenes info, like tonight’s videos by the celebs explaining their motivation for doing the show. From the Twitter vote on which pro’s audition tape the viewers wanted to see (yes, it was Derek Hough), to the moment when, in a backstage moment, Betsey asked Erin to help her out of the “corset” part of her costume, Season 19 is looking like it’s going to be a blast! See you next Monday — keep dancing.